Friday, May 05, 2006

Ras Malai

Yesterday after work I went for a snack. I stopped by a local sweet shoppe, Ganpati Sweets, and ordered a mixed veg/paneer sandwich. I sat at a table outside and began munching into my tasty snack. Soon a young kid selling ballons, maybe twelve or thirteen, stopped by the store looking to unload a couple ballons. The ballon seller spotted me eating and began to stare at me, mouth agape, wide open. I don't even think he was blinking.

Every time I'd go for a bite, I'd look up and this kid would have his eyes on me, watching my every bite, following the food as it travelled past my adam's apple and down into my belly. As I'd eat, he'd motion for me to buy a ballon.

I held up my finger, "Ek minute. Ek minute." I really wasn't interested in a ballon.

When I finished my sandwich, I went into the sweet shoppe and ordered my favorite sweet- ras malai, sweet, cold and resfreshing. I got two small bowls of ras malai, a glass of water and went back outside. I put one bowl in front of where I was sitting and then the other bowl and the glass of water in front of the empty seat next to me.

I motioned for the young kid to come and sit. We chatted, ate and enjoyed the late afternoon Indian sun. We were both happy people.

It was beautiful.

Love to all.


Anonymous samuel said...

how is atlas? can you send some ill spices from the foreign lands. i am bored not wanting to write this paper. anyway, hope all is well. stay safe

much love,

1:53 PM  
Blogger Sahir said...

such a funny story-- i mean, indians will just mug, hard, with no shame. whats with that?

sounds like you're drinking the pani out there. beware my brother--remember the waters of india are as potent as the culture.

1:15 AM  
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