Saturday, December 15, 2007


This autumn I enrolled in a large format photography class at icp. i had been out of the education game for some time and hadn't actually enrolled in a photo class in years, since the blessed lands of minnesote. i cashed in my teaching assistant credits, got blessed with a half price class and my five week journey began. day one i was given a 4 by 5 camera and told that it was mine for the duration of the class.

it has been five weeks and the class ended yesterday. it was beautiful. i began a project that i plan on continuing off and on for the next year. thing is, i gotta get my hands on a large format camera (so if anyone knows a grandma, or a friend trying to get rid of theirs, let me know) to continue its beauty

a 4 by 5 negative is 20 times larger than a 35 mm negative and thus means 20 times more info, more detail and all around more love. of course, that also means there is 20 times or more room to mess up, but "mess ups" are all part of the learning experience.

so, so, my project. well, i'm beginning to take portraits of people in my building, here in nyc. i started with some friends who work here who i've known for ages. i haven't gotten everyone and i want to return and re-make some of these portraits but it's a beginning. i am soon hoping to make portraits of as many folks who live here that are down. that may take some time, but as far as i know, i got heaps of it.

so here is the first i'm sharing. my dear friend larry, who i've known for almost 27 years the end of this month.

love and health to all...


Blogger Lis said...

what was the name of that book...? what would moses eat? this is exciting. i like the shape of the pic. see you soon?

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