Thursday, April 30, 2009

after the flood.

new orleans, louisiana is one remarkable place. rich in culture and oozing with love, the city if full of remarkable people and stories that inspire.

i found myself in new orleans a few weeks back with the mustt kalandar. we explored this city at sea level for almost one week.

we went down to the delta, to wade in the waters rich in silt. we made a dawn pilgrimage to the mississippi gulf coast, with its dolphins and fisherman, living on barrier islands in the gulf of mexico. and we explored the lower ninth ward and st. bernard's parish by bicycle, photographing and observing a land that just under four years ago suffered from the aftermath of one of the most vicious storms that ever hit new orleans.

in the coming days, the lenz will share new images of new orleans.

welcome to the lower ninth ward, nestled between and below the levees of lake pontrachain and the mississippi river...

love and health to all...


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