Monday, September 27, 2010

getting to be...

...late night in the t.o. and i've been getting my presentation skills back on track. sorting out gleaning, dv camera movement making, simmering on thoughts of agn├Ęs varda and heart shaped potatoes, yup, time to figure out ways to spend my days outside cause this technology gets me in a haze, reminiscent of saturday morning on the rare t.v. watching tip.

kev brown beats got me shakin' at this hour. thoughts of celebratory documenting and fresh autumn air with two day old portugeuse bread, perfect for french toast.

this is champabai back on the first journey to india. goodness gracious, that's be right round the autumn of 2000. thinking bout it, this kodak moment could've been caught on this here day ten years back.

that is real, or was.

the aravali hills, rajasthan, india, autumn 2000.

love and health to all...