Monday, November 07, 2011

in the shadow of freedom tower.

a few weeks back i was down in wall street and stopped by zuccotti park to see what's up with those folks holding it down over at occupy wall street.

the scene was festive and for me, inspiring. it was almost like a return to a time when the town square was the epicentre of dialogue and discussion and the day i visited there were people or all backgrounds discussing the past, present and future of our world.

so as autumn wanes and the nights get colder, the question remains, what will happen to this movement? certainly this country is in need of a revolution of some sort. we are still in two wars. health care is abominable and our strong values, many of them, eroded long ago.

perhaps what i found most interesting about occupy wall street is that it is much closer to the slowly filling footprint of the twin towers, than it is to wall street. freedom tower is right there and the lines for the 9/11 memorial are right around the corner...

so the question is i guess, not what could we have done differently, but what can we do now to make things right and alter the course of history for the better...

perhaps cliché, but peace not war, love and not hate is a good start...

so one month after these photos were taken, they've been processed and here they are.

a month ago, october sometime in zuccotti park.

love and health to all...


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