Tuesday, May 15, 2012

waylon jennings on mother's day

meanings in life come in many forms.  moments that carry meaning for some, may mean nothing to others, and certain elements about events may be important for some and irrelevant to others.

but here we were, mon frere de bordeaux and myself, making our way up cuba street on a sunday in may.  coincidences are mighty and as i sit here writing on an early rainy tuesday morning listening to what feels like a perfect soundtrack for this moment, the wellington based band fat freddy's drop, Big BW, i now realize that sunday the 13th of may was mother's day. hmm... the 13th... mother's day...

so there we were. cuba street, back up the hill to the hostel. and this man rolled by on his electric wheelchair, an inspiring uncle. singing country tunes, meandering throughout the nation's capital, distrito federale of the south pacific.

singing waylon jennings, on the 13th, mother's day. have a view of the video and see for yourself...

love and health to all...


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