Tuesday, August 14, 2012

on baldhead peaks...

doubles had a beautiful idea a number of weeks back, the morning we drove even further north to the adirondack high peaks. E suggested that we take a big bunch of fresh kale from his garden and bring it camping with us. and that we did, picking early morning wet kale from the earth and later that day, stuffing it into our bear bin. in fact, we had kale all the way.

doubles treated me to some of the best hiking lunches i've had in a long time. miso soup cooked on top of new york state baldhead peaks with fresh kale tossed in there to make it even more especial. it's amazing how good a warm miso soup with kale tastes after hiking up a 5000 foot mountain with packs on our backs. it was so much fun we even did it twice! hiking first, mt. colden and then algonquin a day later, both times blessed to have wonderful weather!

the woods, if i may say, is where it's at.

love and health to all...


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