Tuesday, October 23, 2012

casas of the capital...

sure, i may live in a boring old, recently built condo building in downtown wellington, glass and steel and everything planned perfectly, except of course, the architects didn't leave room for a full sized fridge.

yup. so my flatmate max, el doctor of the mobile, and i keep it fresh and stack the mini-fridge with greens, yogurt and baked beets. i know you thought i was about write mini vodka and tequila in a mini fridge but nah, we keep it healthy.

though due to lack of a crisp and proper freezer there are two things i miss on the regular. one, ice cream and you bet this country has got milk of all sorts to make fine frozen crema from. two, frozen berries. how can a brother make a smoothie without access to bags of that red and purple goodness. it's all good and i shouldn't complain about having a roof over my head, always a blessing.

as for casas. stepping out this condo, roaming the streets, from ghuznee to cuba, from holland to sages, old school buildings are present, though many built of brick need to be re-stabilized by 2037 as they are earthquake prone.

some of these buildings, like the one up top remind me of spots like talkeetna, alaska for some reason, a vibe of old mining towns, frontier lands for sure...

love and health and to all... be sure to go out and vote!


Blogger Sahir Kalim said...

ruth and i have been with a petite fridge and stove since moving to the 'bridge. now, when i go places with the standard sized gear, it seems so excessive. not even sure what i would do with all the fridge space. i do, however, understand the frozen berry dilemma. that might be tough at times.

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