Saturday, January 12, 2013


my trip to the south island of new zealand was framed by the city of christchurch. it is the city i flew into and out of in order to explore the natural beauty of the southern alps of this country.

christchurch is a city rebuilding, reframing and reforming slowly, after what were two powerful and devastating earthquakes in 2011. the central business district of the city has essentially been closed since the second earthquake in june 2011. it is technically a "red zone," identified by a massive fence and blinking yellow stop lights. most of the buildings still standing have been condemned and will be torn down at some point in the future.

i spent two long afternoons. one rainy one on the front end and one sunny one on the back end, exploring what was once a thriving downtown core a few kilometres from the pacific ocean. the devastation is still everywhere. a solemn reminder of the power of nature. what has been destroyed will be re-birthed, reincarnation, physically and spiritually. scars, however, can take time to heal and patience is a virtue.

so before i head to the hills, here are a few images from in and around the "red zone" of the central business district of downtown christchurch city, sometimes known as the "chur." 

love and health to all...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

are they going to tear the church down or rebuild it? and where are the funds coming from to do this?

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