Wednesday, April 03, 2013

landing in leh.

the flight from new delhi to leh must be one of the most magnificent commercial airplane routes in the world. on a clear day (which I was lucky to have), the plains of northern india rise and become the massive himalayas that seem to be neverending, mouth agape, I think I was talking to myself the entire time, murmuring and muttering at the beauty of the snow capped peaks below, which seemingly got closer and closer to the plane as we neared the city of leh, which is at an altitude of about 11,000 feet.

landing in leh, the air india flight attendants made an announcement that no photography was allowed on the tarmac. of course, everyone broke out their cameras upon arrival and i sort of shrugged my shoulders and did the same.

i spent 5 days in leh, though for the first two, i didn't feel so hot due to the altitude and I ended up just chilling.  so i really only had about three days of good exploring, though i laid low, walked around the city and hired a taxi one day to check out some nearby monasteries and a palace.

it was cold in leh and the wonderful guest house i stayed at didn't have central heating, so about 15 lbs of blankets keep me warm each night.

leh and the region in which it is in, ladakh, certainly will deserve a return trip, in the summer hopefully, when sleeping on alpine pastures and swimming in cold rivers can be enjoyed marinating in the warm summer sun afterwards...

a few snaps from my first few days in leh, the tarmac at the airport, the crazy forms and lines of the mountains, my taxi driver and taxi, and shanti stupa (right behind my guest house) and the view of the city from the stupa.

love and health to all...


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