Thursday, April 24, 2014

winston churchill - not for sale & moving house.

a couple weeks back i rolled for a fete at the t house here in whaingoroa.  the t house had been the crib of a cat named tony, who had to move his home due to the impending sale of the home he'd lived in for almost a decade here in raglan.  the man cultivated a beautiful vibration in his home and sort of like me, he's a little bit of a hoarder, not that extreme exactly, but brother has trouble throwing things away, accumulating mad things, similar to how i tend to roll.  i was lucky enough to scoop an old ping pong table that had been passed on from many a homes here in raglan and now resides in my garage.  it's a great table and i invite anyone passing anywhere within 6 hours of the south pacific by aeroplane to stop at your nearest transit point and hop on a direct jammy to auckland.

i will pick you up at the airport.

tony was trying to sell a bunch of stuff in his crib and almost every photograph or poster or painting on the wall, no matter how faded had a price tag. except for this photograph of winston churchill, which explicitly had a price tag next to it that said, "not for sale." i don't think i'd ever been in a home where everything on the walls literally had a price written next to it.  it wasn't really odd, more amazing if anything...

below is this week's across 110th street:

love and health to all...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

how did you transport the ping pong table home?

10:39 PM  

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