Friday, March 17, 2006

Nighttime beneath the stars...

A late night image of myself, a friend and a beedi beneath the stars.

I spent a week in this neck of the woods, atop a beautiful mountain. At the beginning of the week the mountains were crystal clear early in the morning. Around ten in the am, the clouds began to cover Nanda Devi and the higher peaks. At nighttime I would go for walks around the village. There were constant views of mountain range upon mountain range for almost a hundred kilometres. Progessively in the distance, they began to get bigger and bigger, grander and grander. Forest fires also raged at night. Some were small to the eye on the horizon, no bigger than the size of a lit match. Some were just thirty kilometres away, brighter, perhaps bigger. By the end of the week the whole valley was enveloped by a huge haze of smoke. The mountains were no longer visible.

One night I took out my camera and shot an image of some friends. Check out the fire raging in the upper left had corner of the image. Click on the photo for a bigger image.

love to all...


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