Wednesday, July 05, 2006

independence days

today is the fourth of july. here in the states the fourth celebration usually consists of bar-b-que-ing, beer drinking and hanging at the beach. but today i kept it mellow. i woke up at the crack of dawn, played some tennis with my buddy kyia at six am, then i went for a swim in the atlantic ocean and had a bagel for lunch. after breakfast i jumped on the train and returned to manahattan to watch germany play italy with some of my fams.

it's hot and muggy here in the big apple and today's july fourth was one of the most mellow i've had in years. it was relaxing and it was good and just what i needed.

here is an image from the bonfire we had on lido beach last night.

love to all...


Blogger Rosha said...

you have a knack for photographing light - and the way it moves - and makes shapes - and smiles.

I can't wait to see these photos in your book-to-be and take some photos together in the middle-of-the-west.

much love

12:58 AM  

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