Monday, September 10, 2007

a bluefish.

maybe nine days ago i went out on a kayak with my good friend zach. we were in hot pursuit of a bluefish.

we paddled and paddled and found ourselves in a boiling bay of bluefish. it was a school and the students were more than eager to get out of class. so eager in fact that the sea around us was bubbling and bluefish were flying out of the salt water.

our first hook snapped with a blue bite of monster proportions. we returned to shore, tied on a new hook and returned to the boiling blue sea.

hours later we were back on shore with one big bluefish- fresh, wild and tasty.

this photograph was taken at dusk on the Pacific Ocean in the small city of La Serena, Chile. May 2007.

love and health to all....


Blogger Lis said...

b- it's funny how that looks just like block island...sunset is sunset i guess. a

8:44 AM  

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