Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Columbia University is planning to build a 17 acre campus in Harlem in the next 10-15 years, from 125th street to 133rd street on the West Side of Manhattan. The final vote is on the table of the city council and this vote will take place at the end of January 2008. Many homeowners, renters, business owners, building owners are still hoping the council won't pass the approval. And if so, these folk still plan on standing firm and staying their ground. Emminent Domain is an option that Columbia hopes will come into play if needed.

I spent a few days exploring the neighborhood in question, practicing with a large format camera on loan for my class...

"Tuck-It-Away Storage, Broadway and 131st street"

love and health and strength to all...


Blogger Sydney said...

the name "tuck it away" is itself indicative of the very problem - that space is at a premium. i have always loved Harlem, the cultural watering-hole i visited as a child, but come Columbia or not, the area has changed remarkably - perhaps that is why the university is willing (and needing) to take over. maybe a committee for landmarks could preserve some portions, or homes, or shops... i would like to see the rest of your preservative results from this excursion. love to you ben.


6:27 AM  
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