Friday, June 27, 2008

drizzling rain with chico buarque

the rain's been spitting all day here in nyc- cloudy, cool and breezy. greens are green, blues are blue and the sky a thousand shades of gray.

i've been printing a trail of photographs for over a month now and close is where i've arrived, not at my destination but near. i don't dig tunnels so it ain't the light i can see, more like the anticipation of a summertime electrical storm arriving over the Hudson River (known as the muhhekunnetuk in the Mahican language or muhheakantuck in Unami, the language of Lenape peoples or the Great Mohegan by the Iroquois.)

next friday is july 4th and the history of this country always comes to mind around this time of year. Language and the history of the indigenous peoples of these lands is knowledge we've got to keep and remember...

this is a cliff in montauk in may 2008 overlooking the atlantic ocean.

love and health to all...