Monday, June 16, 2008

IS 216... school for the world, stones in a forest or a building in a concrete jungle too

I'll be coming to IS 216 in the Bronx on Tuesday to make a presentation about life as a documentary photographer and the various work that I've done in schools around the world.

School. It is an important part of life and growing up.

What is a school? Does a school have to have four walls? Or even a chalkboard? Can a classroom be inside a circle of stones in a forest? Or can it be in a big building in the middle of New York City? What if a school doesn't have electricity, not even a toilet nor running water?

Schools in our world are physically different.

Above, are a few photographs from schools that I have worked and taught at in India. Many of the photographs are of schools in villages and many of the photographs are from schools in a forest, all within India.

Take a look at the images. Click on each photo to see a bigger image. Many of these schools look different than our schools here in the United States. No matter what a school looks like, it is a place to learn and share.

Please think about this blog entry and spend some time exploring the rest of this blog. Each one of you, please come to class with three questions- one about schools, one about anything on this blog and a third question of your choosing...

i'm looking forward to meeting you all, sharing photographs and having fun!

see you tuesday!!

love and health to all...


Anonymous Class 961 i.S.216 said...

Thank you for appearing at our school.

Thank you for coming to our school
From Frank (aka jon)

Thank you for coming Ben!
Sincerely, Hector

Thanks Ben, can you put our class picture on the blog? Elizabeth

Thanks for coming to our school and seeing us. -Naresh

Thank you. -Ebony

Thanks Ben! It was a real pleasure to have you visit our classroom. -Alex

11:20 PM  
Blogger Ben said...

class 961-

it was wonderful coming into your class and talking to you all about photography! you are a great group of students. i will upload the class photograph to the blog as soon as i get it processed and certainly before you all end school for summer vacation. thank you all!!! -ben

6:40 PM  

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