Tuesday, September 23, 2008

the bounty of berries and bees

the bounty of berries and bees has arrived as the summer blends into fall with soft breezes and swift swells. a late afternoon cloud cover has blanketed the skies around the big apple. i'm sitting here listening to music from the bolivian andes, it's perfect, but i think my toes are getting a little cold.

wednesday i should find myself again, in a silver bird fueled by today's liquid gold on my way to the pacific ocean. why? well, as a minister and a reverend of course. i'm on my way to perform my first ever marriage ceremony of my two dear dear friends zach and emily. it's a long story, and i love them. i'm looking forward to being an official and legal messenger of love. not a bad job title. although, reverending certainly ain't my full time gig.

earth time, it will be afterwards. into the high cali mountains, one man in a two man dream team of backcountry living and constant outdoors. wow, it's been a few months since i've spent a whole week without stepping foot indoors once and i'm looking forward to it as much as i am this wedding...

love and health to all...


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