Monday, February 02, 2009

broad channelling

our moon is blazing almost half full on this domingo evening. the sky is clear and today really, spring gifted us a hint of wildlfower honey.

on a day of cooler weather, two journeymen embarked on a voyage to broad channel, yes, first the subway station stop and then onward, past a statue of a man without a home and into a world of birds and racoons, frozen water and frozen feet. the jamaica bay wildlife refuge out in broad channel, nyc in queens was our land of exploration this week for a day.

with rations stocked, film loaded and minds open, the bihari bhai and the behen ji, rolled out on a true concrete jungle exploration. we traversed a boomerang loop, with both nature made birds in sight and silver machine crafted birds cruising far out of sight. we had found a winter jungle home outside for an afternoon.

this is sahir ji, his kicks and his pant legs in broad channel.

love is health to all...