Tuesday, December 23, 2008

basking in beauty with my brothers...

towards the end of every year i always seem to find myself in a state of perplexed emotion. i don't know if it is the gathering of family or all the sentimental reflection that goes along with all that is special about this time of year.

since my brother sam died, i've had trouble truly indulging in family gatherings, tree lighting and all around christmas time merriment. at times, i think about my brother and my momma who are watching all this crazy world living from high above in the heavens and they must be smiling and laughing and joyously wishing they were here with us to all hug and kiss and smile and smirk.

but life, as we know, isn't a fairy tale. and things that seem too good to be true, usually are. i'm really not trying to sulk over here above the hudson, more, i'm just relaying what i know and how i feel.

in essence, these are the moments that i live for. life, i think, is for laughter and it is for joy and it is for those moments, where we are on an island of happiness and peace and calm with the ones that we truly truly love so much on earth and in heaven too.

love and health to all...


Blogger Lis said...

the truest benny. holiday love!

1:17 PM  

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