Tuesday, February 01, 2011

some late brunch on sunday

woke up on sunday and then fell back to sleep. hadn't been sleeping well, tossing and turning, brain flowing a hundred miles an hour right about the time it should be resting, years ago when i was a teenager, summer before i went to college, i had this crazy bout of insomnia and since learned my lesson, it happens sometime, but eventually sleep will land, calm will set in.

so round one, not like the boxing ring, but like the p.m., my t dot friendly neighbor and sometimes partner in canadian city explorations, gave a ring. i was sacked out and answered twice before i realized that in fact, the reason i couldn't hear anything was the ear piece was in and i was trying to talk through the phone.

"yo man, it's beautiful outside. cold but beautiful. let's go for a walk bro, i need some sunshine," my main man daniel my brother sermonized.

no truer words had been spoken that day, and after a smooth as silk latte to go later, walking feet, exploring vibes flowing we found ourselves beside lake ontario.

we eventually made our way to exhibition place right on the concrete shores of toronto lake lands.

exploring the old fairgrounds, it was certain that this city sojourn was much needed. fuel for creativity and blood flow and good sleeping too!

this is the food building. next a space that looks like its been empty since the 70s and finally, the co-explorer high above and on the lookout for old school photographers with expired film and a smidgen hefty, breaking through thin lake ice.

love and health to all...