Monday, April 25, 2011

running past topographies...

as the sun sets here in toronto, and the day winds down, the trees finally beginning to bloom, i thought i'd share some topographies from my run up and back on down the west toronto railpath.

it was round 6:10 or so and impulsively, as most of my runs start, i was sitting on this here computer, not on it like a chair, but with it and boom, i realized it was time to get my body moving, time to go running.

so i threw on my running gear, laced up my kicks and ran. it was gorgeous, the sun had some time left on the horizon. and it wasn't until i had turned around over by cariboo street, heading on home that i saw this prehistorical creature creeping out a bin of scrap metal... a couple was right there and with not much breath, i smiled running past, "that would be a snap eh?"

so i picked up my paced and ran on home, grabbed a digi camera and old rollei. hopped on my bike and doubled back. this cautious tree only came into view as i was meandering home again, sweat turning to salt on my forehead, what an interesting evergreen!

enough writing for me, back to editing!

love and health to all...


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