Sunday, March 20, 2011

school daze.

if it wasn't for school, i don't think i would have ever gotten into photography.

it started with my high school photography teacher, ms. johnson. by far, she was the most influential teacher i had during those high school years, guiding my creativity with photo assignments that i still integrate into classes i teach, 15 years later...

those early assignments from back in the daze, playing around with shutter speed and exposure, point of view and the thing itself. those were the moments of crafting and creating, i'll never forget placing that first sheet of photo paper in the darkroom, into a bath of developer and watching chemistry and creativity appear like magic. i hope those moments never disappear from the present, from memory.

and as computers transitioned and transition our photographic creativity i came across this image from an assignment in college, to create a book cover. i chose "The Jungle" by upton sinclair, a book that still resonates to this day. i remember roaming over to northfield's supermarket and roaming the meat section, snapping photos.

this was the image and title that made the grade.

love and health to all...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that was the beginning of it.

10:33 PM  
Blogger Lis said...

that would be a really cool project. re-imaging different book covers like this...

9:41 AM  

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