Tuesday, May 31, 2011

trams & streetcars

it's finally summertime here in toronto and in celebration i took an epic and solo bicycle ride out to the east end of toronto for the doors open weekend, where many city buildings that aren't usually open, throw their doors open wide to the general public.

my journey started at an opening of a co-classmate as part of the doc now festival and my initial thought to check out a sugar factory that still processes sugar changed in order to check out a big water filter out east that makes a grand appearance in a novel.

actually, history was present throughout the beginning of the day and it started at the public school installation where i began, which if i may add, also has a lot to do with taxis. alas, here is a taxi.

eh hem. so as an oncoming storm approached my belly was full with a wonderfully flavourful veg. thali. the centre bar of my bike had a bag of bagels dangling from it due to the fact that my bag, which hadn't thought much about stuffing things, was bursting open with my first box of 2011 indian mangoes. which will be ripe tomorrow or the day after and will certainly make that moment of mango eating bliss.

ah yes, so almost home, after goodness knows how many kilometres biked, i stopped on a dime at spadina and college to watch a passing old school streetcar running the lines here in toronto. the windows were open, it was summer and just then and there everything seemed to be just right.

snap! captured, past present and the future all at once!

everything is growing right now. yup. can't argue that one.

love and health to all...


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