Wednesday, November 23, 2011


my brother sam once had a stopover on his way to africa in an airport in the country of qatar.

i'm sure it was a stopover like many are. landing in an obscure country, in a time zone where dawn could be dusk and night could be morning or morning night. stepping off a plane without fresh air into an airport without fresh air too. no familiar faces, no familiar phone codes, nothing really familiar, besides the planes and the stores perhaps and maybe a day old new york times for sale.

on recalling his stopover in qatar, sam mentioned that he had a conversation with a local gentleman over there, who was waiting for a flight with his family. they discussed beards and beard lengths as final boarding calls were called and plane doors closed.

sam also bought this shirt at the airport, which is still in our house. sometimes, though not often, i wear it and look at pictures of sam in botswana, where he wore it too.

this photograph was taken by april johnson a few years back.

me wearing sam's shirt from qatar.

love and health to all...


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