Wednesday, February 01, 2012

"I had one problem in this trip, because one small fuck rock entered in my ice. But now im ok!"

it's true. camping between these two volcanoes, mt. ruapehu on the left and mt. nguruhoe on the right, brother pedro had caught some dust, a little micro-rock in his eye. impossible to fish out, eye drops and h2o, stuck between lids, it reminded me of carved rocks in siem riep and yes, even a beautiful union beside the hudson, you three h n h bagels, from nz to 380 then beantown come i soon...

so beneath summertime snow and on the foothills of ruapehu, after midnight tent to porch snooze pursuits in gusty gales, under satellites and stars, we walked forro, two by two is 22, we finally reached whakapapa village (Fah-kah-pa-pa, heard).

thumbs up siempre, from cars to cola, and a colombian who helped us hitch it to the corona. health care and hospitals gratis, we returned to the waikato with a stop at the royale with paneer and lived, grateful that it was only one small fuck rock.

it could've been worse.

love and health to all...