Thursday, November 28, 2013

love to brooklyn / love to fams

for some reason, the past couple of on and off weeks at my radio show here in new zealand, i haven't felt as inspired with the music on the setlist.  no doubt, the beats have been dope, music i love, but the energy that coming into the studio gave me, fed me, seemed absent.  i wasn't dancing in the studio or sitting on the stoop, introspective, peeping schoolkids without kicks, parents barefoot too (this is new zealand, perhaps the only "western" country where you'll never see some shoes must be worn sign). heads don't tread like that in these down souther than south parts.

i missed my show last week cause i had to be at an academic conference in auckland supercity, or so it's called, definitely urban centre of the polynesian world, which is dope and rare on the planet, such a blessed conglomeration of peeps from small countries in the south pacific, long forgotten, cultures, homes, hoods, literally, truly, drowning.

but humans got the power to stop that shit. really, we got innovation, iphones, google cars and all that jazz, but truly, we can be some dumb ass and incredibly selfish animals. can't really be argued. even at an academic conference.

so what's my point, i'm rambling again.  oh yeah, just meditating on thoughts round yonder cause i guess it's the beginning of that time of year when family gets together, but being doles out these parts makes a brother like me miss family and loved ones.

yes my point, lemme get to it. basically, this week's radio show inspired me. in the past few weeks, i got put onto a bunch of music i never heard and today, i played some of those selects, a bunch of them in fact on my show and it was great!  i think it's a show y'all gonna like, run to it, cook to it, cry to it, laugh to it, dance to it, be with it and love to it.

the breath is a blessing, let us not forget.

this week's especial november 28th, 2013 across 110th street can be streamed, podcasted, subscribed to, embedded and just generally enjoyed right here -

this is a park i stayed beside late august in stockholm, sweden. sun went down late then...

love and health to all...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are correct. best across 110 in some time. i loved it. hello to all my nz friends.

11:19 PM  

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