Friday, August 18, 2006

comets & asteroids

I was shivering on a long island beach on saturday night. It was unseasonably cool last week and into the weekend- autumn seemed to take a little bite out of august. I was enjoying the bright moon shimmering off of the atlantic ocean with some friends, a little beer and a warm fire. I had only brought a lungi with me to the beach and although extremely comfortable on the lower half of my body, the cool air seemed to find its way up my legs, chillin' my skin and bumping the goose.

There was a comet shower on tap to begin at one am (est) that saturday night or sunday morning, depending where on the globe you were positioned, and whether or not if you were still feeling the saturday night late night vibe or the early sunday morning inspiration.

That evening I saw the most remarkable asteroid of my life. As I was talking to a couple of friends, I saw a huge ball of fire zoom through the sky. The rock was burning up in the atmosphere and it was a big rock, massive. The fire in the sky only lasted a quick two or three seconds at most. What made the image so remarkable was that after the fire, there was a huge smoke trail that followed the comet (similar to contrails behind an airplane.) The smoke was bright lit up white by the huge wide eyed moon.

This is the dinner we organized with aunt shelly, uncle hardy, alex, sam, evan, david and me, ben.

My friends Mark and Eric rolled through on sunday morning, representing with the bagels and cream cheese. Mark's daughter Zola cruised into the backyard and started playing with Eric's two dogs. The dogs were more keen to grab a bite of Zola's bagel, but Zola kept yelling at the two brown canines, "NO!!!!!" Finally, she gave and in let the one of the dog's enjoy breakfast with her.

Love to all...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

who took the photo at dinner. i wish i had seen the comet. eric has some beautiful dog.

11:29 PM  

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