Tuesday, January 16, 2007

junior- 'the king of love'

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Day, a national holiday here in the United States.

MLK Jr. was one of the strongest advocates and teachers of non violence in the history of the world. Passive resistance and non violence were foundations in the struggle for change and equality. We must not forget the power of peace, non violence and compassion. These tools (each of us owns all of them) when found, and put to use... will end wars, break down borders, turn enemies into friends, end embargoes and feed, cover and shelter those in need.

Here in America, the people must never forget that love will always conquer hate. And peace is always the right path.

A couple of gems.

"Sam at Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland." These rock formations are found on both the northern tip of Ireland and the southern tip of Scotland. As the tale is told, way back when there was natural rock bridge connecting the two isles. This bridge plays a major part in the old folk tale of the giant Finn McCool.

"Sammy launching over a moat." Both images are December 2004.

Love, health and peace to all...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you and your bro look so much alike. i recognized the top one was sammy but i thought the bottom one was you.

can't wait to hear your tales of cuba. -alli

2:59 AM  
Anonymous Mary Sochet said...

Dear Ben:

We haven't checked Ben's Lenz out in a long while. Your work is wonderful. So are you and David and Allan and Sam.

Thanks for putting this on line and giving us a chance to see it.

Peace and Love,
The Sochets

12:15 AM  

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