Tuesday, April 03, 2007

but it says cream...

On Sunday, Davey and I jumped on a bus and headed south to the small city of Rancagua for the last day of the Chilean National Rodeo Championships. Rancagua is a little bit of a run down seedy town and Davey's homestay brother Nico had a splendid time mocking our jaunt south. I guess it would be comparable to grabbing a bus from Chicago to Gary, Indiana for a pleasant afternoon rodeo.

We both were hungry before the rodeo and we stopped at a little tienda to grab something to eat. My spanish is still in its infancy and I bought what appeared to be yogurt. We sat outside and drank some lukewarm and luke light nescafe and opened up our "yogurt." The second my toungue touched the thick, white liquid, I realized something was wrong. I turned around the yogurt shaped container and saw what it said- "Crema de Leche." Ah ha, cream!

David seemed to get a good laugh at that and the older woman sitting by herself beside us really got a laugh at that...

"Why are you eating cream with two spoons?" she asked.

"My brother thought it was yogurt."

"But it says cream," she stated, perplexed.

"Yeah but he doesn't speak good Spanish and he thought it was yogurt with strawberries because there are strawberries on the container," Dave replied.

"But it doesn't say there are strawberries. It says it's Crema de Leche," she remarked. She then looked at me and I gave her a eww, that tasted nasty look. She giggled with delight!

Yup, point well taken. We then passed over our two Crema de Leche's and a container of milk to the lovely older woman. We talked for a half an hour as she downed the milk and spilled it all over her sweater at every sip. She really was a remarkable woman. Happy, giggling, enjoying life and the moment. We all shared smiles, laughter, misunderstandings, and crema de leche together.

love and health to all...


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a great story!

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