Thursday, December 20, 2007

en todo- posse of love

returning to new york city after a month of sleep-away camp, was always a vivid moment for me. through and through the many years trooping north to the state of brotherly love, vibing on fresh lakeside, crystal clear fresh water and breezes that were alive in the way summer can only make them pass by, descending into new york city was always a surreal and so real return to this true concrete jungle.

feeling the energy, getting close to the city, warmer, more humid air and then over the geee dubs, into manhattan, the warm weather hydrants, the colors of cabs, reflections, stores, signs, fruits, people! yes, back in new york city, for another month of lamping back grade school way before a new september.

this is my posse, closer than close. circa 1993. corner of 112th, nyc.

love and health and happy holidays to all...


Blogger caleb said...

wonderful to see the fam, on 112th no less. dave with the hat and princeton t is priceless. taking me back to the wsll days and what not. thanks, dogs.

12:53 AM  
Anonymous Syd said...

Like a five-point star, simple yet so memorable. Lots and lots of Love...

8:05 PM  

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