Monday, March 24, 2008

Sheny Dhaba

This is Ashok Sheny and his son, Kapil Sheny. Ashok has owned and operated the "Sheny Dhaba" for 15 years in the small village of Gaindikhatta. A "dhaba" is a small restaurant, usually beside a road. The Van Gujjar community that I am currently working in is about a mile and a half walk from the Sheny Dhaba. Sometimes I stop by for chai or a paratha before I head to work in the "Gujjar Basti." In Hindi, Basti means colony.

The Sheny Dhaba is open from 5 am till 11 pm. Ashok told me that they brew 100 cups of chai a day. Tandoori roti, samosas, various curries and daals, pakoras and cold drinks are available too.

Ashok and Kapil sleep and work in their dhaba. Kapil tends to make chai, knead dough and wipe down tables with a smile while singing bollywood film songs.

love and health to all..


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