Thursday, March 06, 2008

shooting stars & shutter speeds

march 3rd around eight pm indian standard time i was standing in a narrow valley in the shivalik mountains, the first bumps of the mighty himalayas. my head was pounding, 10 kilometres had been walked with a stomach of 1 roti. dehydrated, tired and sad thinking of my brother sam's birthday the following day, i decided to clean my teeth with a toothbrush and dabur brand toothpaste. barefoot, with a flaslight i stood next to three small kids pissing before sleeping. and then i looked up into the heavens. between these narrow mountains i saw in the sky, the brightest, longest, most gorgeous shooting star i've ever seen in my 27 years on this planet we've named earth.

it was sammy still shining.

i hooted and hollered happiness. the three naked kids next to me giggled with delight.

this is me and mohammed ibrahim having fun with fast shutter speeds...

love and health to all...


Blogger Harris said...

sammy was the man.

so are you. you grieve for your brother and show him the utmost respect and love, yet you continue journey on, through the himalayas this time, carving out the lenzner name. sammy would be proud.

while i am repping the lenz's, lets give some love to davie joining teach for america. and teaching bilingual kids no less. anyone who is reading this, is probably close enough to the family, to know how special they truly are, but its worth repeating.

And although we lost Sammy and there is no telling the amzing things he would have done and the peoples lives he would have touched. we were all truly blessed to have gotten the time we did with someone who was truly "the man" like you said ben.

good luck ben, keep posting.

12:52 AM  
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