Thursday, June 25, 2009

rickshaws and reels

today was my first full day here in the nation's capital of india, new delhi.

i arrived late in the eve and came upon a smiling crane when i arrived at my home for the next couple of days. catching up with the crane and pysched to be here, i found myself lying in bed too excited to sleep and thus, barely slept a wink.

delhi is hot. i mean, hot. today was around 110 degrees farenheit and the crane and i trooped to meet a friend in the late morns and then retreated to the bungalow abode to rest and relax after our opposite journeys that landed us in the same exact place.

most certainly one of the highlights of our first day today was the rickshaw home. after a cool cafe we grabbed a cheery (rare in this heat!) rickshaw wallah and made our way home. on our way, we cruised over a flyover (sort of like a highway bridge) and in the middle of the bridge was meters upon meters of reel from a cinema film. a sign perhaps, ojala, that this film based project at its second coming is on course and following the right path.

the rickshaw driver was fired up, proclaiming "Film Reel!" and abruptly pulled over on the side of the highway to scan the scene that was left to the delhi heat. the crane, ever so fearful that we'd be fully pancaked by a semi, kept looking back for that 18 wheeler that never came. i grabbed some of the film and looked, "Abishek!" I exclaimed (a reference to the famous indian cinema star abishek bachchan). the rickshaw driver looked and smiled, "HA!" he exclaimed with a wide grin, "Abishek!"

so for a a few minutes we explored these film scenes in the heat in delhi on a hot bridge with a an even hotter wind, surrounded by traffic that seemed to rudely blow even more garam air our way. i grabbed the crane and we headed out onto the side of the highway for a kodak moment.

this trip is bound to lovely. our kind host momma here in delhi, as we said our goodbyes tonight said to me, "Please don't take any risks."

I beamed wide.

"Only enough to keep smiling," I grinned.

so tomorrow with their cool air, glacial streams and fresh winds, the himalaya awaits...

the only plan so far is to keep smiling...

love and health to all...


Blogger Sahir said...

so love to see the two of you in the lands. Love it.

6:39 AM  

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