Wednesday, September 02, 2009

land sliding

in july i found myself in the indian himalayas. i was there with the crane, tall and lean, thin and fit, he was a perfect companion for the land sliding that we did. we had been in the mountains for about ten days. it had taken us, off and on, with stops for chai and sleep and time, almost that same amount of time to reach our stellar and styling destination of har ki doon.

on the return journey, back to a village where we could grab a bus that would take us to the plains, we ran into a roadblock- a landslide that no man or woman or child would dare to cross. the sight of this landslide was upsetting, as we had hiked almost 40 kilometres at that junction and had thought, we would be in a little jeep by then.

no autos were running and no feet could traverse this road which had been completely scree-ed out. in fact, we were told that the road wouldn't be fixed till october.

alas, we found a route that took us high above the landslide and although it was an hour out of our way, it was the quickest way to find home.

keep an eye on the lenz as the images transform across a new border from the big apple tree to a maple leaf moon.

love and health to all...