Saturday, October 30, 2010

lost skateboards, blowing leaves of autumn, asleep in a field.

the warmth of the summer sun was on its last legs in the city of toronto and alone, i lay on green grass, surrounded by windswept autumn leaves, brilliant in their glorious shades of fall. the wind blew across my brow, eyes closed, clouds floating across cities and towns, through provinces and counties, no borders to stop these puffs of marsh mellow glory. the blue sky, the tree tops, the clouds of fluff was all that i had framed, my head covered in grass, ants and other small park creatures, exploring most happily my dome of curls, the proximity, mind was close to the earth, touching it.

meditating on a spinning globe, contemplating a relocation of current realities, watching skateboards roll to their deaths, listening to sly and the family stone, reflecting on what is seen in a pond of stillness,...

past and present, today and tomorrow, summer to fall to winter to spring and back...

this is the indian ocean, off the coast of south africa, on the trail from port st. john's to coffee bay, spring 2004.

love and health to all...


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