Tuesday, February 08, 2011

a river. a border between french and english.

our director was marco (see above). he had a plan to head to ottawa and interview a woman he had never met before. this woman lived next to a covered wooden bridge in wakefield, québec. so, we hopped in marco's car and drove to ottawa, the capital of canada.

ottawa, for the record and the photos will arrive soon, is amazing in the winter. there one can skate on the rideau canal, the world's longest and largest ice skating rink. i can only say that we skated the day and nights away, gliding from point a to b to c and back, not cold for that matter, but warm and sweating from kilometres upon kilomtres of skating and gliding.

with the help of a good director we spent a saturday in the wilds of québec, surrounded by cougars and trees, snowshoes and whiskey, french and fresh snow. these memories are from then.

the whole trip was a beautiful reminder that it seems as if i feel most at home outside. more marination on that required.

love and health to all...


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wow. it is gorgeous.

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