Friday, April 27, 2007

bienvenidos a corral quemmado

sitting here this morning in santiago with davey and his homestay fams, i struggled to figure out where to start the story of my journey to rendez vous with two crazed geologists, on a mission to explore and understand volcanic eruptions of northwest argentina. i was in the provincia of catamarca with them for the past three weeks or so, scouring the earth, through the time of rocks, millions upon millions of years.

we took samples, climbed mountains small and large, got closer to the sun than ever before and lived al fuera, beside the streams, beneath the stars and in the cold of high elevations.

so to begin, to set some framework for our adventure, here are some of the players in our story, our drama, our comedy.

la puebla of corral quemmado = homefront for stone research
la cocina of the hosteria municipal = lilian, queen of corral quemmado, caretaker of hosteria municpal and sous chefs/young derelict, helpers
oscar = geologist and amigo and el jefe
alejandro = field assistant and amigo
tres amigos = not even smidgens in geologic time

love and health to all...


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