Thursday, April 05, 2007

la moneda to la pintana

Yesterday dave and i made our way to La Pintana- a less affluent barrio in Santiago for a film festival al fuera. It was a gorgeous night and we spent an hour waiting for a bus outside La Moneda (the presidential palace) to take us to the hood. After a half hour journey we ended up at a basketball court with a screen set up, parents standing waiting for films to start and children running around, climbing the fence around the basketball court.

The kids were pysched to watch the first two films (cartoons) and then when the serious documentaries came on they just started roaming the park having fun.

The film "Memoria Obstinada" (about the making of the documentary "La Batalla de Chile" and then revisiting the folks who were in that film.) "La Batalla de Chile" is about the storming of La Moneda and Pinochet's takeover, which of course was funded by the good ole Uncle Sam. Both documentaries were extraodinary and i found myself roaming the neighborhood looking for some photos during our time in La Pintana.

Manana, I'm off on a 24 hour cannonball run to rendez vous with some mad geologists in northern argentina. Goodness will re-arrive to the Lenz near late this month.

Davey on the corner, hoping for a bus...
A scene from "La Batalla de Chile."
The film festival and La Pintana....

love and health to all...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

loving the film festival my brother! Glad to see your adventures are taking flight. See you back in nyc before you know it. Keep us updated!


6:45 AM  

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