Sunday, January 06, 2008

"Brother This 3 Guy's Are Real Friends" -from felipe's letter

since tuesday morning i have been journeying the island of puerto rico with my two closest compaƱeros- mi hermano y mi padre. puerto rico has been a great place to explore both on foot and by the gas powered vehicle that we rented upon our arrival.

the morning our journey began -before p.r.- 4 am nyc time, we were greeted in the dark big apple dawn by our good friend and man of constant positive vibrations- felipe. felipe has been a doorman in our building since the dawn of man and he mentioned that his brother had just moved back to retire in the hometown they were both raised in. thus at 4 am, felipe handed us a a sheet of red and blue lined paper, a one page note to his bro, praise for the three of us, and directions to his bro's cribbo. which, basically stated- Drive to San Sebastian ask for the town of Guasio, Las Marias and El Puente de Guasio- then ask for his fams, the town knows them.

"The town is not that big," the letter stated, "sure finding easy."

It ended with, "ENJOY YOUR TRIP ON THE ILAND. Your doorman and old friend, Felipe." And then on the back, "Tell my brother to send me the real address of the house."

Fast forward to Avis rent a car, san juan... We headed out with a tank full of gas, a map of pr and this note. Hours later we were heading west then east then west again, back and forth asking numerous folks about the puente, finally we made it to the bridge and to the main street. We went from house to house knocking on doors and asking folks if they knew felipe's brother. finally we found felipe's brother's sisters sister whose husband took us up the mountain to meet jose, felipe's brother.

It was a beautiful moment and his positive vibrations, addictive like felipe's shined through. We hung out with him, his wife and two of jose's brother in laws. Jose showed us his massive oranges, tangerines, banana trees and mango trees and the fresh cafe that was just picked. It was beautiful and certainly worth a six hour detour.

here are some highlights- one of the signs from Guacio "Communidad Especial," poppa and jose through a coffee branch and finally, the big fams.

love and health in this new year to all...