Monday, March 31, 2008

Parika's Paprika

"My Brother's Son."

-Parika, photography student, 15 years old, Van Gujjar Basti, Gaindikhatta, Uttarakhand.

love and health to all...


Blogger Minneapolitan said...

Hey Ben,

Beautiful shots. I hope you get a chance to peep some of the pics that are taken with the donated cameras. It would be fascinating to see what the folk snap pics of.


9:33 PM  
Blogger Ben said...


to clarify, this first photograph of the young child was taken with a donated camera by Parika. I just completed a two day photography program in this Basti and this was just one of many images that were taken by the students, young, old, men, women... The kid, is Parika's brother's daughter. The community was pysched to explore their home with their cameras. 30 cameras were distributed, and it took a month and a half just to get to a moment where distribution could occur. More photographs in the coming days. And soon, the forest community, the traditional homelands...

love to you and the minnea crew, ben

10:19 PM  
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