Tuesday, November 16, 2010


why don't humans hibernate? or do we in our own special ways? sometimes i think i'm a bear, perhaps a black bear or perhaps a grizzly bear, but a bear resting throughout the winter. i'd guess that bears do a lot of meditating in the winter time, poking their heads out their caves and looking at the beautiful blanket of white covering the world around them. bears and other creatures in the world must think about life throughout the winter and in anticipation of spring and flowers and life.

the winter is coming here in canada. to embrace it is vital, to hibernate is healthy, to smile through it essential.

this is up north huntsville way at my buddy blair's cottage. owls inside and right side up and wood birds outside, november 2010, ontario, canada.

love and health to all...


Blogger Unknown said...

Dear Ben,

Reading your posts is like listening to Laura. I think of her often still! I feel she would be so proud of you. I am her roommate at Mills College and met you when you were a young'un. Several times! You were as beautiful as she (and probably still are!) Sam and David were also so beautiful in their different ways...Laura loved you each so much. I loved her birthday video. I hope this reaches you! I've also often thought of you guys, and how you're faring...I had no trouble seing you sustained and loved by the awesome community your Mom left, and the love of your Dad. How is he? Give him my LOVE. Tell him to remember the TIE. Love you through the years...so glad I found you! Nicole
PS I am also impressed by what you've been doing, how you've done it, and the photographs you're taking along the way ! XOXO

1:44 AM  
Blogger Ben said...


is this the nicole from chicago? or a different nicole? i'm actually in the process of making an little film about my mom right now, in grad skool up in toronto... do send me an email when you have a moment to ben@benlenzner.com if you read this as i'd love to get your contact info and pass along another video i think you will enjoy...

hope all is well, ben

6:06 AM  

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