Wednesday, June 27, 2007


...naw, not that kind of robbing. it's just humid and muggy today in the big apple. clouds are looking to burst, though that may not happen. it's been an email galore day, sending heaps of notes and diatribes out to friends and friends.

i'd been meaning to spread some animal love for some time now. and above are a selection of a few images of our types on the road in the puna plateau.

a llama crossing. a gorgeous horse roaming for water. on the plateau, a vista with some llamas hanging bottom of the frame, and a fox which was scoping a kill, looking for a flamingo.

of course, we arrived on the scene and the fox got a little perturbed by our presence and bailed on a late lunch of flamingo cebiche.

in the image of the mountains and the far off llamas, there is a river. now that river was steaming early morns and had a constant temperature warmer than the hottest jacuzzi in nyc. sulphurized agua, warm and perfect for bathing. which floated in our natural jacuzzi nightly under the stars. and we ran outta of water and sipped some litres of that good warm river H2O for good measure too...

love and health to all....


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how is it possible to see something which was osted june 27 when today is isthe 26th

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