Saturday, November 20, 2010

lakes to rivers to seas

back in the day, even today, sailors on boats write messages, children on shores place poems and addresses into bottles, capped and plug to float the high seas until their messages reach a land far and wide, with the hope that maybe they'll get a letter back from the lucky beach wanderer or kayaker who comes up with the bottle, a message bobbing on the surface, in the hopes it will find its reader.

but what happens when that bottle is tossed from a boathouse on a lake, far from a river or ocean. will that lake allow it to journey to the destination the stars have set for it, distant lands? perhaps, like the cycles of life, it will in due time make it, though it may lay stagnant in an eddy for a day, or perhaps a black bear will play with it and stall its course, but eventually yearning for the fast flow of water, to allow it to surf and catch its weight and most importantly its intended direction, the address inferred through fate and eventual destiny.

but it is the tides and the time, patience really, that allows for the message in the bottle reach a shore, or another boat, the hand that finally lifts the bottle from its journey, curiosity as to what a bottle with a note is doing on this shore. of course, the journey, through stormy seas and calm dawns, those cycles, those seasons, in the end, it's not the journey of the vessel but the words inside that are most important...

this is a lake in northern ontario in november 2010.

love and health to all...


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