Thursday, January 31, 2008

e=mc² or the question before, what could loving possibly learn from or even taught to einstein?

22nd street between 9th and 10th avenue in the city of new york, on the island of manhattan brought two magnificient scientists/artists/minds of madness together for merely one hour thirty one minutes and fifteen seconds of greatness. on just this here evening, the second to last day in the month of january, the year two thousand and eight (or the year two thousand according to the ethiopian Ge'ez calender.)

What would have happened if there had been more than the 1 hr 31 min and 15 sec is the question that will forever be asked in the minds of historians?

an unidentified witness who happened to look up was quoted as saying, "i looked up and immediately felt a sense of euphoria all over my body, from my head to my toes. i smiled and laughed as i saw two bearded men diving under a table, crawling like children and cackling like jackals!"

the first top secret photograph was the apartment where these two forces of energy met. this photograph was taken by an undercover double agent working both for the department of energy and for the national security agency at the department of air, wind, space and oxygen (a branch of both the 2008 olympic committee of the planet of light and that of the meadow of love.)

this same double agent happened to capture some of the experiments that occurred during this time. these are only three of the 71 photo images recorded.

be assured, the other 68 are in a secure location. einstein and loving can barely been seen. the question is...

were they even ever really there?

love and health to all...


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