Friday, February 15, 2008

re arranged

on my first full day in the city of dehradun uttarakhand, i made my way to a wedding of a friend's cousin. it was a big day but also, a small gathering on an indian scale, as there must have been only about 100 people at most, gathered to dance bhangra, and even reggaeton in the celebration of 2 lives brought together in an arranged marriage. of course, i didn't know anyone and found myself seated and then grabbed to dance and then seated again and all of a sudden in the midst of the dance floor, repeatedly without my blessings.

all in all people were happy, although the bride looked a smidgen uncomfortable at certain times when she was sitting in front of the crowd. above are some moments- the videographers directing the newlyweds, the bride and groom together for the first time and a young mover and shaker...

love and health to all...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feeeelllliiiinnnggg the dance moves in that last foto!!!! I am going to call you soon. Love you much.



8:56 AM  

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