Thursday, October 24, 2013

beats and buildings.

crane looking at the barbican.

a new season of across 110th street, listen/stream/download


london, august 2013.

love and health to all...

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

west. then south.

quite naturally, the tides of life steer each and every one of us on unpredictable paths, around corners unknown, down valleys we can see, expanses to horizon lines and those covered in mist shrouded mystery.

as the rapper kev brown once preached, i do what i do. organically, hopefully, we all do what we do. often, it might be practical and with luck, plentifully, it is magical, that threading of mystery, magnificence, and music. that good food, pressed autumn cider that gives us life to dance and smile, laugh and cry, experiment and challenge, explore and exchange.

like the tides, life pushes and pulls, melds and forms, stronger than rock, softer than water.

so oumou sings and the bend in the river, it's path new, unknown, yet familiar, braided from snow melt unbeknownst i float, out west, then south and beyond...

love and health to all...